There will be no Executive Committee Meeting this month : (March 2015)::::::: All registry offices will remain open on 21.03.2015 & 28.03.2015

  This historical association (West Bengal Registration & Stamp Revenue Service Association) was born in 1920. Briefly saying, on 01.02.1781 the earliest record of systematic registration started in precidency region. Mr. Edward Tiretta was first appointed on a salary of one thousand sikka as a Registrar of Memorials of deed affecting lands. From records it is found that Sri Chandra Mohan Chatterjee was the Registrar of Calcutta on 07.10.1865. In the post independence period Registrar of Calcutta was A.N.M.Yusuf Ali , from 20.08.1947.

This association has developed and grown along with the service i.e. West Bengal Registration & Stamp Revenue Service & its esteemed members. This association is presently being ably administered by Sri Anup Kumar Mandal & his team. We ecpect great success of this centuryold association.


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